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This photo is very interesting and beautiful. The focusing in it is well done. The division in the picture is well done: the picture ki...

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Dieses Kunstwerk gefällt mir sehr. Die Farben sind harmonisch: der brauner Sand sieht gut mit der dominanten blauen Farbe. Das Licht, d...

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by m-eralp

Well, I've never written a critique before - hope this one is close enough of a critique! ;) I really admire the talent you've got with ...


Daggerfall at Night by Corvus-monedula93

The sun was shining high in the bright sky when Linnea got up. She had spent the night awake and fallen asleep just when the dawn broke; unable to sleep she had taken a better look at the cottage she was in and had noticed that there were some useful books on the bookshelves, among which she had managed to find a spell book. Most of the night she had lay on the bed reading this book, as well as practicing the simple restoration spell she knew and had used. The sleepless night had not bothered her, since she had learnt how to enhance the healing spell to be more powerful, quicker to cast and to require less magicka. She was delighted with the new things she had learnt, even though she doubted she would ever have use of her new skills in action, since she was no fighter and had no intention of rushing into any battle, where a swift healing would be required.

When Linnea had gotten up, she combed her long, ruby-red hair, which took a rather long time because her hair was so tangled, and she tied it up with two braids. She felt much better now and so decided that she would leave the little cottage and go looking for that Captain Kaleen or perhaps someone who would know her - oh and for some food, since she was still starving and there was nothing left to eat in the hut. "There is just one problem" Linnea thought as she packed the useful spell book into a rugged sack which she found under the bed, and would now use as a backpack, "I don't have any gold and I doubt I can ask Molag Bal to send me my purse that I lost in Coldharbor!" she laughed sarcastically. She also took the rest of the books with her, hoping to make some gold by selling them to a merchant.

She opened the cabin door and the sunlight briefly blinded her; after the time spent in darkness, her eyes had attuned to the dim lighting, and the harshness of the light made her head ache. The cottage seemed to be located in a central position within the city; the noise and the bustling in the streets was overwhelming after the isolation she had been in. It all made her heart beat like a drum and left her feeling rather dizzy but since she was determined to get back home, she shut the door behind her and started to look around. Soon she noticed that a Redguard woman had been staring at her and greeted her "Hey, you finally got up... I wasn't sure if you'd wake up at all anymore! I'm Mihayya, and you are?" "I'm Linnea. Do you know Captain Kaleen or where she is?" the confused Breton asked. "Yes, I know the captain. She rescued you from the sea, did you know? Anyway, she is in Stros M'Kai and said that she would need help. You should go talk to Gilzir, he's the boatswain. He is a strong-looking, almost bald Redguard. You'll recognize him easily at the docks" Mihayya replied. "In Stros M'Kai?" Linnea asked hesitantly. “The Prophet had told me that the captain would be here in Daggerfall and it seems that the old wise man is not as unerring as I had thought him to be”, she thought. "Yes, in that little island near Hammerfell" Mihayya replied. "I'm afraid I'm not in any shape for travelling that far yet" Linnea said apologetically, "can you tell me, how could I get to Wayrest?" she continued. "Oh, I can understand that very well. The easiest way is to take a boat, many sailors down at the docks might take you there!" the Redguard replied to her. Linnea thanked her and promised that she would remember Captain Kaleen should she ever end up in Stros M'Kai. She even wrote a note to herself, on an empty page in the spell book she was carrying with her. Find captain Kaleen in Stros M'Kai. A sturdy, bald Redguard man named Gilzir in Daggerfall docks should be able to tell more.

Suddenly Linnea realised that she was in the middle of the City of Daggerfall wearing these strange, ragged clothes! Her face turned almost the same shade of red as her hair, because she would never have even thought about visiting this great City wearing these kinds of rags! She walked with haste to the side streets, trying not to draw unwanted attention to herself; even though she was not a noble woman, this kind of appearance was highly unacceptable, for the sake of her dignity! As she walked the backstreets trying to figure out how not to be humiliated, she saw the answer above her, hanging on a clothesline. Linnea was no thief but she contemplated that she should not have to suffer anymore humiliation, since she had already contended with so much, too much! She looked around to ensure that nobody saw her and took a simple but pretty pale blue dress from the washing line. As she changed from her rags into the newly acquired dress, she felt relieved; the dress seemed to fit her well, had an elegant scent of rose to it, and it did not look so expensive or unique that the owner would recognize it on her nor miss it greatly. She was just about to leave some gold for the previous owner when she remembered that she had none, and that she was still really hungry. Also, it was very likely that if someone were to take her to Wayrest, they would not do it for free, which would be another major problem!

Linnea thought that the idea she had would be worth a try. She walked to the Rosy Lion Inn, which was located in the Northern part of the city, and located the innkeeper, Gregoire Lafont. When the innkeeper asked how he could help her, she stated that due to the most unfortunate circumstances, she had found herself in an unfamiliar city and had no gold, not even for food - but she had some interesting and useful books to trade, and surely the more sophisticated customers of the innkeeper would appreciate having some to read while staying at his inn. Then she had smiled at the innkeeper as charmingly as she could but it had felt awkward and she was sure she had also blushed while doing so. Linnea was not sure the books really were that interesting so perhaps it was more to do with her attractiveness - or rather her efforts to be attractive - but she was extremely pleased when the innkeeper told her to go to sit at a nearby table and wait for the waiter to bring her some Roast Corn with Grape Preserve and a cup of Jasmine Tea. She thanked the innkeeper, and proceeded to sit down on a comfortable seat at the table that was nearest the fire place. As she sat at the table, she closed her eyes and inhaled the fascinating aroma of the meals that were being consumed by the other patrons, the fresh linen that maids were carrying up to the rooms and the freshly-chopped firewood by the fireplace. The combination of those scents soothed her, as did the sounds of people's voices, and the bard playing his lute, comfort her. That all would have been so perfect, if only she had visited this place with her husband, and under different circumstances; and there was also the matter of paying for her trip to Wayrest that needed to be solved.

After Linnea had finished her delicious meal, the solution to her problem suddenly seemed so obvious. On her way to the inn, she had noticed an announcement about certifications being given to qualified professionals in different fields of work. To acquire that certification in alchemy had been in her previous priorities for quite a while, and she had been waiting for a chance to get to a city where they were given. Now she had a perfect opportunity to show that she was good enough for that certification. If she became a qualified alchemist, finally, she could sell her potions and get enough gold for the trip. Since she had noticed that there seemed to be a war going on in Tamriel, in which High Rock also fought as a part of the Daggerfall Covenant, formed by High Rock itself, Hammerfell and Orsinium, making healing potions would be  most profitable. She had wondered how she had not heard about this war before but maybe it just had not been the hot gossip in her village, since it had not affected their lives in any way. Still, it felt very weird to her, that she had not known a while ago that there was a war going on, and now the Daggerfall Covenant consisted of Bretons, Redguards and Orcs, who were fighting on the same side.

Linnea had always been nervous of the qualification test but as it seemed to be her only option now, she determinedly entered the guildhall of the Mages Guild where the Master alchemist, a Dunmer called Danel Telleno, was standing at his alchemy table. Linnea introduced herself to him and explained that she would need the alchemy certification in order to legally sell her alchemy potions. To enable her to prove her competence in the field of alchemy, the Master alchemist handed her some reagents and solvents and asked her to make a "sip of health", a minor healing potion. Linnea mixed the correct reagents to the proper solvent with ease and as she handed the alchemy bottle to Danel, she was astonished just how easy the test had been: she had learned these things required, among the first things she had learnt in alchemy! The Master alchemist inspected the result of her working and nodded approvingly as he handed her the certification with her name written on it. He even praised her that she had prepared the reagents in the way that was generally held as the most effective among the alchemists of Mages Guild, unlike many other novice alchemists that had taken the certification test before her. Therefore Linnea had gathered her courage, explained her situation to the Master alchemist and asked if she could earn some gold by spending the day as the Master's apprentice, to which he had to her surprise agreed.

After the time she had spent as the Master’s apprentice, she had finally gathered enough gold for the trip to Wayrest, and she had also learnt a lot of very useful knowledge concerning alchemy. Linnea bought some basic alchemical reagents and thanked Master Danel for the gold and invaluable lessons he had given to her, as she left. At dusk she walked to the Daggerfall docks and admired the city that had now hushed as its citizens had gone into their homes to spend the evening with their families and loved ones. The lanterns cast their light onto the streets, and torchbugs started to gather around them, obsessed by the lights of the candles in them, while glowing themselves. The silhouettes of the roofs of the houses seemed impressive against the twilight sky, where the first stars had already appeared, and some smoke came from the chimneys, disappearing into the sky. Linnea looked at the lit windows of the houses; they looked so cozy, and as she thought about the happy families spending the evening together in their homes, she felt very lonely. She really hoped that she would be back home soon, where she would see her loved ones.

Linnea had found a boatman who seemed reliable and had promised to take her, for 200 gold, to Wayrest in his little sailboat at once, since he was due to go there anyway. Linnea placed herself on a solid, large bench on the deck and tried to lie-down as comfortably as possible. She had taken some Nightshade with her; the plant was generally considered to be poisonous but in small amounts it would ease any nauseous feelings and have a sedative effect, thus counteracting the possible seasickness, as well as helping her to sleep more easily. The voyage home would not be unpleasant for her, quite the opposite.
Wish You Were Here (Chapter 3)
Elder Scrolls Online fan art. Linnea is my OC. Again thanks for the gentleman who significantly helped me to enhance both the language and many details of the story! Previous chapters are found in my The Elder Scrolls fan art gallery folder. The name of this chapter is from the song of Pink Floyd.

Linnea, a young Breton woman (Bretons age slower than other races of men in Tamriel) regained her consciousness alone in an unfamiliar bed, surrounded by silence. She opened her eyes and observed that she was in a small cottage, furnished in a Breton style. Slowly, after a heavy bout of coughing, she sat up. Despite the weakness of her body and dizziness in her head, she reached out for a piece of bread and a cup of black coffee on a nearby table. It did not bother her that the bread was slightly stale and the coffee was cold and bitter as she was famished; it felt like she hadn't eaten or drank anything for a long time.

When she had finished her crude meal, she turned her attention to her long, red hair, that was both tangled and wet, and to the strange soaking wet ragged clothes she was dressed in. She looked down at her hands, they seemed different in an unexplainable way, in the same obscure way, her body felt strange to her; she noticed her pretty new wedding ring was gone!

Linnea slowly started to become accustomed to her surrounding and to herself; she increasing became aware of how chilly the cottage was, that added to her wet hair and clothes, left her shivering. Fortunately, she noticed an empty fireplace and a pile of firewood. She set about placing the chopped wood in the fireplace and instinctively cast an incineration spell which sparked a fire into life.

When she realised what she had done, she became even more confused. The sense that her body had changed in some mysterious way, became more compelling. Despite being Breton, therefore having affinity to magic, she had never cast a fire spell without tremendous effort; restorative spells had always been much easier for her to cast. The log fire began to warm the small cottage but due to the anxiety that started to fill her mind, she still felt cold and shivered more than before. In this strange place, she had nothing familiar with her except her memories and a dream that felt very true. 

In her dream, she had woken up in a plane of Oblivion as a phantom figure, and an ethereal projection of an old man had told her that she had ended up in Coldharbor, the realm of the Daedric Prince of Domination - Molag Bal. Then she had aimlessly started to run in a tunnel, desperately defending herself against daedric creatures, until she had bumped into an extremely tall, fair-haired Nord woman, accompanied by a raggedy insane-looking old man, who wore an iron pot for a hat. They helped her fight off the daedra, and the woman proceeded to rescue the man, whose projection Linnea had seen earlier, by sacrificing herself and taking the old man's place, thus allowing him to escape his prison in Coldharbor. This old man, was known as Prophet, as his true name had been forgotten, even by himself or so he claimed. Together they had managed to escape and survive, even the taunting from a projection of Molag Bal himself, hadn't managed to hinder them. Finally, the Prophet had restored her physical form and provided a crossing to Tamriel but her dream ended just before her flight from Coldharbor began.

Unlike this dream of hers, her last memories felt very distant. She recalled gathering alchemy ingredients and wild herbs in the forest; she could remember the scent of the fresh chamomile and juniper branches, the weight of her basket and even the stains in her newly-washed white apron. What had happened to her when she was just about to gather some dragonthorns and corn flowers was extremely terrible, and she did not remember much of it. She recalled having been taken captive by a stranger and being part of an unholy ritual, lightning strikes, intense darkness and a feeling of being lifted up to the skies.

"Since I woke up here, alive, I must have survived the attack of the strangers, possibly someone rescued me from those cultists' hands in time and took me into their home. Most likely it was someone who lives near Wind Keep and my home" Linnea thought, as she tried to drive the anxiety from her mind and figure out what had happened to her and where she was, while adding some more firewood to build a roaring fire and get the cottage warmer. She felt like she may have a fever. She would have fancied taking off her rags to dry them closer to the fire but she feared that the owner of the house would show up at any time and catch sight of her totally exposed if she had done that. In any case she intended to leave that place and return home as soon as she could. 

A while later she turned around and saw someone at the door: it was the Prophet from her dream, or rather a projection of him. "Fever, dehydration and the traumatic experiences seem to give me hallucinations" Linnea thought, as the Prophet greeted her. He saw the suspicious look on the young Breton's face and started to explain the situation. "Yes, I am real... or as real as a magical projection can be" he began with. "You seem to have woken up already, Vestige. You fell into the sea when returning to Tamriel, and Captain Kaleen rescued you from there. There was little sign of life in you but the Captain wanted to give you a chance nevertheless" he said.

"So if you're real, it wasn't merely a dream then... Coldharbor and everything in it was real, and I really am dead now?" Linnea questioned morbidly, speaking in part to herself. "No, not totally dead; you are mostly alive, yes, but your Soul is in Coldharbor and therefore I call you Vestige" the old man explained to her in a friendly manner but a hint of pity could be detected in his voice. "I'll tell you more when the time is right. Now I must go; I suggest you find captain Kaleen, the one who saved your life. She is here in Daggerfall, most likely you could find her at the docks. I expect she could use some help" the Prophet continued, and before Linnea could ask anything he was gone!

By the fact that she had a cough, fever and apparently had been drowning, Linnea, being an aspiring alchemist and healer, deduced that she had an aspiration pneumonia, a condition caused by the seawater which had gotten into her lungs, which could potentially be fatal. Since there were no potions for restoring health, and she did not know if she could get help from another healer, she knew that her best chance would be to try to cast a restoration spell. She was not a fully trained healer yet but she gathered all of her strength and magicka, pressed her hand firmly against her chest, took a deep breath and started to channel healing through her palm. A faint golden glow was visible as she used magic to repair the damage and eradicate the phlegm from her lungs. After a few minutes her fever was gone, and it was easier to breathe again.  She was feeling healthy again and very satisfied by the fact that she was actually able to heal herself with her own spell. Even a frail sign of hope was vital for her mental health now and kept her being able to think and act somewhat rationally.

Linnea carefully opened the door and noticed that it was dark outside. The Prophet had told her that she was in Daggerfall; she was quite far from home. So she had no intention of wandering in an unfamiliar place at night; she returned to the bed to spend the night and would go looking for captain Kaleen in the morning. Maybe her
saviour could do her another favour and take her with her ship to the city of Wayrest, which is close to Wind Keep, her home village. 

Don't fear the Reaper (Chapter 2)
This is The Elder Scrolls fan fiction written by me. Thanks again for the person who corrected the grammar mistakes and such in the story.  This is a sequel to my short story "Wind of Change"corvus-monedula93.deviantart.c… . Also the title of this is from a famous song, this time from Blue Öyster Cult. I think I might still continue the story but I don't have a long storyline in my mind.
Wind guide you. by Corvus-monedula93
Wind guide you.
Elder Scrolls related fan art. The title and the sentence in the picture is heard from the Greybeards. I just came up with a text that I thought that would fit into the picture.


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